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Fun (public)
Horny women and men : Local "Club Sex"
1 2015-10-02
Southeast Georgia Swings (public)
Southeast Georgia Couples and singles looking to mingle! : Local "Sex Club"
0 2015-10-02
NYC Metro (public)
Group for swingers in the NY/NJ/CT metro area : Local "Club Sex"
0 2015-10-02
Carolina Swingers 864 (public)
Swingers group in Carolina(864). Couples and singles welcome. : Local "Sex Club"
0 2015-10-01
NIGHT OWLS XXX : is a secure couples group to embrace newbie couples with their experience, and provide and teach newbie swinger couples , conveying swinger etiquette, introducing newbies with fun safe first time exxxpirience , FUN ADULT PARTIES AND ADULT FUN IN A MOST MATURE RESPECTABLE FASHION!, CUM JOIN THE NIGHT OWLS XXX GROUP LOCATION, ATLANTA AIRPORT AREA , CUM ONE, CUM ALL!!! PARTY MEET& GREET OCT 17th at 9pm RSVP TO JOIN! : Local "Club Sex"
1 2015-10-03
ozaukee lovers (public)
This group is for singles and couples who are in search of threesome, orgies, one night stands, on going friends with benefits, and the swingers lifestyle... if this is what like feel free to join, remember is group is all about making frequent connections, meeting up and having fun... must be serious about meeting up, and having fun, or you will be removed from the group... with that being said let's have sex/ fun. : Local "Sex Club"
0 2015-09-29
Just 4 Fun (public)
Open and Private Parties,Meet and Greets,Road Trips and Whatever Pops or Comes Up. : Local "Club Sex"
0 2015-09-29
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